Sunday, July 5, 2009

What to find where?

In the Punch household, you will find..

Chappals in drawers and the washing machine

Utensils all over the kitchen floor

Some lucky utensils do make it to Punch's bed

Sweet limes/tomatoes/potatoes in kitchen drawers meant for utensils

Some lucky fruits/vegetables make it to the shoe rack

Fridge Magnets in the laundry bag

A 1kg packet of soap powder dragged all the way from the toiletries rack to Punch's bed..(by her good self)

House/car keys in kitchen drawers inside utensil

The bell used during prayer is safe in a bucket of water

Chapati ka belan in the rack meant for toiletries...

Need I say more??


Anonymous said...

LOL! Funny list :)

Its like playing 'Treasure Hunt' all the time :)

Unknown said...

Sounds exactly like the chaos in my house!

Anonymous said...

Our second baby is same age as Punch. I love your narration. Believe me this is the time to enjoy every moment of the baby. It will be hard to handle to handle as they grow.

Swati said...

LOL ..I so much know what you cook used to come to my drawing room and collect all the utensils like cooker , kadai , belan , before he could enter the kitchen :)

Anonymous said...

she is really one all rounder...

By the way belated happy birthday to punch

Aryan's mom

Timepass said...

Thanks all...
Munchkins Mom- Our kids share common hobbies!!