Friday, August 22, 2008

Zara Naada To Sambaloooo

She was well dressed.. in a cute pink t-shirt and cream trousers..

she was trying to look hep and talking hi-fi words which an angootha chaap like me cannot even pronounce..

but hold it..

what about the naada (pant ka naada) dangling down and on free display??..

Pls help me understand this latest fashion...

(Now pls don't say that such things are seen only by me, why blame me always..)


pass time said...

yeah i can identify with you.I remember when the low waist jeans came into fashion- I was walking down the street when I saw a teenage girl in front of me -seeing that her panties was peeping out above her jeans I helpfully told her Beti your panties are showing-the female gave me a GLARE!!Later came to my notice(via my girls)that IT was the fashion!!!!!!!!!!

Artnavy said...

hahah- maybe it was a belt

like how 2 piece bikinis can easily pass off as undies u know

Mama - Mia said...

yeah!! you have these lounge wear thingummies where the naada hols up the pant and as navy said is used as belt! :D



Trishna said...

haha yeah those seem to be the "cool" lounge pants these days!

Preethi said...

hehehe!! adds to the humor in our lives!! :)

Lavs said...

Hope you are doing fine..been a long time since you posted here...take care