Friday, August 1, 2008

What's there in a Colour??

Do you often see matrimonial ads asking for FAIR girls/boys? I often come across people saying " My grandchild is fair, my son and daughter and fair, I will have no problem in finding a good match for my kids since they are fair and etc etc".

What surprises me is the importance given to the colour more than anything else. Sometime back, we called up our friend to congratulate him on the birth of his baby girl. The baby's father told us " She looks like me, but colour like mother"..Your baby is yours and will the love u shower on the baby depend on the colour?

I fail to understand why colour is given so much precedence. Does that mean good habits and good character are secondary to colour?? Or does it mean that all fair people are good by default and all others are bad by default? I have seen so many fair people who are just fair, that's all and so many others who are beautiful but not fair. So why assume that all fair people are beautiful?? Another doubt I have is that will the fair complexion help you in times of need by selling it off?? I remember a well-dressed and good looking girl in my college was named as " Miss South Africa" just because of her complexion. Its high time we stop judging people merely by their complexion and instead focus on being good human beings.


Shobana said...

Absolutely...but sadly we live in a society, that has placed skin color on the highest rung of the life ladder. And we have learnt to judge beauty by color and not personality in recent again, it is really unfortunate. I wish we teach the right thinking to our children, by our actions.

Menaka D said...

My university mate gave birth to a baby boy recently. Since I'm in Canada while she's in Malaysia, I am not able to visit her and baby Tivven.
Anyway, while I was chatting with another close friend, she typed:

-Tivven is very cute. Fair like the mother.

I was numb for few seconds. I didn't know what to say. I mean, for sure I have a lot of things to voice out but at that moment, keeping mum was my best option.

The baby is cute because he's fair. Soooooo, what if the baby happened to be not-fair/dark? Then he's not cute anymore? Funny really; the way people judge another people based on skin colour. Most people that I know are too obsessed with skin colour.

-She's too dark therefore she's not suitable to marry my son.
-Awww, look at her. She is so fair. Therefore she's pretty.

My husband would always tease me regarding this. Why? Because my own family members thought it'd be difficult for me to get married due to my dark skin.
But now, I'm happily married to a guy who loves me very much and most importantly, he's my best friend. I wouldn't trade him for the world.

BTW, I like your blog very much. Keep it up :)