Sunday, July 6, 2008

Please Follow (Break) the Queue

I had been to the hospital for routine vaccinations for the baby. We entered our name in the waiting register and waited till our turn came. There were babies of different ages ranging from new born to about 2 years and all of them waited for their turn to come. I got the prescribed injections and was waiting outside the doc's room when all of a sudden a celebrity (read film star) appeared. One man (her staff) was carrying her baby. Needless to say, everyone was staring at her. Suddenly, she was not to be seen but the doc went out of the room with a torch and prescription pad in hand. The junior doc started seeing babies here. Later, I came to know that the celebrity was waiting in another room for her baby to be seen and this doc went up to that room to check the baby which was presumably doing good.She immediately left the place.

Fools like me were waiting since just 2 hours for our turn to see the doc and this lady walks in, sees the doc and goes off within minutes. Agreed since she is a celebrity, either she or the hospital authorities would have decided to opt the quick way out to avoid getting mobbed. I know many people always break the queue, but then what about the waiting patients? I noticed some parents having a hard time trying to cajole cranky babies and wait for their turn to see the doc. Nothing would have gone wrong if the celebrity waited in the same room till her turn came. But, sadly that did not happen and people had to wait till the celebrity and her baby left and then wait till their turn came. High time we all follow the queue system if in use at a particular place.


Swati said...

Where do you live Time pass ...sounds like a famous hospital in Bangalore

Aditi's Album said...

This is something I must give credit to the UK for. The people here follow queues and wait patiently till their turn comes. Even if its an old or disabled person, they wait their turn and are never seen jumping places in the queue. Be it the bus station/bank/shop or even the market place, they stand and wait for the staff at the counter to say 'Next Please'. Its now a habit that we've got used to but I still wonder with awe at their discipline and tolerance.

Preethi said...

:) I assume this happens all over the world.. despite what Aditi says! Just their way of avoiding some chaos.. if not their obeisance to popularity!

rekhas kitchen said...

I don't know about UK but it is right preethi its happnes every ware in the world not even in one Bangalore specialy in India Idon't know when it is goingn to change even in temple's also

Mama - Mia said...

oh well! same story everywhere!

sometimes i feel stupid for not being able to break a Q! my dad would keep asking me at Mumbai ped if he should call another doc freind and get us in earlier!

and i always refused! and had to wait 2hrs past appointment time! totally crazy!

but some good habits die hard! :p



WhatsInAName said...

I tell you, its so frustrating! The way these famous people make a fuss and the way others fuss around them... grrrrmmmph!

Anonymous said...

oh, yes it is frustrating. but as aditi's mom says, even i admire certain rules in UK n dread my homecoming hvng got used to the comfort around here.