Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Evil Eye..

Does something called the Evil Eye really exist?? I mean people often say such and such bad things are happening in my household, surely someone has cast an evil eye on our house.. I don't know whether bad things happening in our life can be solely attributed to the evil eye cast by others. In my opinion and from what I have heard from elders, whatever is destined to happen in a person's life is already decided and written on his forehead at the time of birth itself. So how can a mere mortal influence someone else's life? Whatever has to happen in our life will happen irrespective of whether someone casts an evil eye or not..We must accept things as they happen and understand that bad and good things in our life happen when they have to.. All we can do is to hope for the best and do our duty (and of course stop casting an evil eye on others..)


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utbtkids said...

Guess, blaming on evil eye gives people closure...and a sense of control that whatever is happening is because of the collective influence of few mortals :)

To think what ever happens is destined to happen, which is what I believe in, kind of gives people the impression that one is deemed to have a bad time by higher authorities. Guess that is intimidating to people.

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Mama - Mia said...

i suggest you read Ushs' take on it!! v v interesting! :)




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Timepass- Each time I come here hoping for some post abt your little girl and well I have had little luck. Please do give us an update.We'd love to hear abt ur little girl