Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Out of Turn

A long queue of people were waiting at the lab in a hospital to get their blood tests done. The attendant was doing a pretty job in calling people one by one and managing the show. Suddenly, a middle-aged guy (Indian origin) started screaming at the attendant saying " I am waiting since the past 30 minutes and yet my turn has not come. Just give me back my requisition, I am going to complain to the top boss here about you." The attendant replied " Sir, please wait for some more time, I will call you when your turn comes." The guy was not at all willing to listen and instead screamed " I have come from London, get my tests done now else I will complain". The attendant finally had no other go than to get the test done for that guy as he feared that the big boss would shout at him (for no fault of his) once the patient complained to the boss. Many a time,some people try to break the queue by falsely saying such things.

My point is why has the guy to use the bribe (word) called London here especially when it is not at all needed. Don't people in London follow the queue? I personally have seen 100s of patients both young and aged waiting in the NHS (National Health Service) for hours to get their blood tests done. So why compare the facilities? And that too, when more and more Medical tourists are coming to India to get faster treatment for their ailments rather than waiting for months for their turn in the NHS. Also, if he feels that he has no time to wait in the queue, he better go back to where he came from and get the blood test done there the moment he arrives ( even if there is a queue before him!).. what say?


Preethi said...

Whats coming from London got to do with anything?? Weird people... but unfortunately there are many like that.. and they actually think its smart to break the queue and get away with it!!

Lavs said...

This often happens when we are waiting for our turn at Gyneac. Non pregnant women seem utterly restless [generalization on my part]. One fat lady kept ranting about how she had work to be done on Saturday evening and she rather be working than waiting for her turn at the doctor. I badly wanted to ask her to leave. God only why such people showoff?!

dame's diary said...

Oh well!

Londener's attitude needs a make-over!!

How do we know said...

some ppl think they deserve special status in India bcs they get none of it outside. too bad for the guy.

Aryan said...

People are mad over the word London I guess..Stupid people..
Aryan's mom