Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Why I blog?

I wanted to become

a doctor but could not as I cannot bear to see people wincing in pain.

an engineer but could not as I thought I would mess up on the ratio of sand to cement while constructing a building.

a software engineer but could not as looking at the fat books itself makes me sleep.

a lawyer but could not as I cannot argue well enough to say that I am right even though i am wrong.

a compounder/pharmacist but could not as I cannot understand what doctors write in the prescriptions (apart from RX) and the doctor's letterhead.

an IAS officer but could not as I am not good in dealing with politicians.

a cookery expert but could not as I would mess up the masalas and salt/sugar.

an accountant but could not as I cannot do golmaal in the accounts if my boss wants me to.

a teacher but could not as I think what if my students ask me questions that I am unable to answer.

a banker but could not as I think what if I do not count currency correctly and/or credit money in the wrong account.

an investment advisor but could not as I think what if the schemes I suggest to clients flop and my clients lose money.

a businessman but could not as I cannot put maska to babus and get contracts and tenders sanctioned.

There are so many other professions I would love to take up but some reason or the other prevents me from doing so.

So I ended up blogging as I can very well mention why i did not become any of the above!But wait, I am unsure if I can blog well without any complaints??


Aryan-Arjun said...

Cool Post timepass..way to go. You are a super blogger..
Aryan's Mom

Chiniiz n Sugarz Mom.. Swati said...

visiting after a long time.. read all the updates. Cool posts!! and hey! i guess this is what brought us to blogging... express ourselves freely!!

dame's diary said...

hmmmmmm tp ... funny

Pixie said...


nice post... :)

Swati said...

That was witty..nice post ..and ummmm...ummmm..ummmm... I think you can be a blogger ...YES YOU CAN BE and YOU ARE !!

Aditi's Album said...

That made interesting reading. Guess your machine is up and running and you are a happy blogger again.

Timepass said...

thks all, ur feeback keeps me going.

Mystic Margarita said...

Great one, Timepass. You are one cool blogger! :)

Lavs said...

Good one...I completely agree with each and every point you had mentioned....