Friday, December 28, 2007

Meet My Boss

No, I am not talking about the Mr. or even my mother or mother in law.

I am talking about the one person to whom I am answerable. She asks me questions and needs to know the answers from me asap. If my old car is parked outside the house, she starts off the conversation by asking " Looks like the old car was parked outside today??!!" How I wish to say "My dear lady, if the car is parked outside, it will be visible to not just you, but every passer by..." but I just end up saying "Yes". If the car is parked outside when she arrives, I have to answer to " Car is parked here, did he not go to work today/ Has he left by office cab today/ Is he not in town?".

If I have guests at home, I must submit the enquiry form she supplies me by generously parting with the bio-data of the guest. If relatives come to stay over and go out, they are sorely missed by her and she enquires about their whereabouts and wants to confirm if they have gone to visit others or left for their house! She demands to know whereabouts of immediate family and why they are not visiting me for festivals??

I cannot keep ranting about this as I also get access to the choicest and confidential information from her such as who ran away with whom, the winner of today's mil vs dil contest in every home, who got a new house/car, who gave how much dowry, the financial status of all neighbours, who is fighting with whom, why a particular well-educated and good girl is not getting alliances for marriage... the list is endless.. All this when I have not uttered a word or asked about anyone.. Guess its her way of making me open my mouth to part with my personal information ( in return for the information received from her).

I am talking about my maid who is actually a nice lady who does her job well but also loves to catch up on gossip like most ladies. Now, I am just not interested in information about others but get this for free.. I appreciate her concern about me and my family, but that's all I can do. I wish to keep personal information strictly personal and do not wish to share it with the world. I can only shut my mouth and close my ears, how can I shut her mouth???? So, I dare not fiddle with her because if she quits, I will have the troublesome job of finding another eligible candidate who is anyway going to gossip the same way! So I end this post by saying "Jai Ho Maid Servant Ki".


Aryan-Arjun said...

wow that was pretty can never shut maids' mouth....
Aryan's Mom

Swati said...

hahahahah..every house story.
My policy is reply in shortest possible way and never show interest in her talks. Works pretty well most of the times. Also because her hindi vocabulary is limited and my Kannada vocabulary is zero. :P

Pixie said...

TRue.... I agree with what Swati says! :-)

~nm said...

Hahaha..probably your MIL wouldn't interrogate you so much :D