Friday, October 5, 2007

No "L" In Timepass

To the people who wonder at me being systematic...

All I want to say is that I am systematic only with respect to what I mentioned in the post.. As there is no "L" in the word Timepass, my readers did not get to know a special quality of mine.. and that is

L for Lazy

I proudly present herewith some instances to prove my point.. (note to self- don't divulge everything you fool, else the handful of readers to your blog will also stop visiting)

I used to leave for work at 7-7.30, so my mom used to pack me some tiffin for breakfast. The lazy person I am, I used to postpone eating the tiffin. But my cubicle mate used to be pretty hungry I suppose, so he would remind me " I think your mom has made some tiffin for you. Why don't u eat it? (and give it to me too)" . So think what would have happened when the cubicle mate was absent or did not remind me of this.

I used to just take enough money for the bus fare and auto fare cause the office was close by. Once I remember, I did not have enough change but I ignored it thinking anyways I am coming by bus, so what if there is no money for auto fare. I was too lazy to take that money from home or withdraw from the ATM inspite of kind reminders from family.

Once I left office a bit late in the evening and could not get a bus. I hired an auto and confidently sat in it when I realised that I was running a bit short of money. No probs, anyways the auto has to stop before my house and I can always run in to get the extra money is what an intelligent(lazy) me thought. I was greeted at the doorstep by my fuming grandpa and mom and I did not bother to look into their faces till I disposed off the auto guy. This has happened so many times..

Before I start rattling off more (and worse) stupid acts of mine, I have decided to keep my bacha kucha izzat intact and so I finish this post here..


Sharmi said...

why is your template to one side? I am not able to read anything! is it because of firefox?

~nm said...

Hahaha....quite a post it is! :D

And the last line made me laugh again "I have decided to keep my bacha kucha izzat intact and so I finish this post here"

dame's diary said...

lazy or careless?

Apple said...


Thanks for visiting my've a lovely array of blogs here...Loved this timepass blog a lot...'ll keep visiting..ciao..

Pixie said...

nice post!!!
I have finished the middle name tag too! Do check it out :-)

Timepass said...

Sharmi- Pls try in IE. Quite a few readers have told me that the blog does not show up well in Firefox.
DD- A lazy person knows what is to be done but postpones the task whereas a careless person does not even remember the task.. I am a lazy person from all sides, dear.
Apple- great that u love my blog.keep visiting
Pixie-thks, will check out ur blog

Swati said...

What a funny post :)

WhatsInAName said...

Shake hands, girl!
I am like you lol...especially on that auto story and trying and trying and trying to change. :)