Wednesday, August 24, 2011

And Now..

The dhinka chika mama is appearing on TV for some mosquito repellent ad..Punch is playing around and gives me the wrong impression that she has not noticed him on TV.
The bell rings and the Mr. arrives..
Punch opens the door and says Abba Abba very seriously
He says, what happened?
She says: Abba, Dhinka chika mama ko mosquito ne bite kiya
He just cannot understand what is going on...and asks me if dhinka chika mama is really not well!

Punch is playing with her toy resembling an infant. she calls it as Baby S
Punch: Amma, S baby so gaya
Me: Kyon?
Punch: Usko thookam (sleep) aa gaya, isliye so gaya

Punch's friend had gone to attend a wedding in her native place and Punch kept on asking about her
Punch: Amma, where is G ( friend's name)
Me: She has gone to her uncle's kalyanam (wedding)
Punch: I will also go, it is my V babba (uncle) kalyanam
Me: But V babba kalyanam is over
Punch: Ok then I will go to R thatha kalyanam
Me: That is also over
Punch: Then I will go to P paati kalyanam
The intention is to attend a wedding, so what if the grandparents need to get married again!

Punch: Amma, you be a good girl and listen to me, then your Happy Birthday will come again and if you are good, I will buy a cake for you



R's Mom said...

hahahahahaha! She is the cutest ever....wants to go to a kalayanam come what may? awesome..and you be a good girl TP okie..otherwise no cake for you :)

Swaram said...

Ha ha classic! Esp. the last one :)

Vini aka Pooh! said...

Good to see this post! Love the kalyanam comments

Btw - I replied to you on FB and never heard back. Did you get my msg?

Uma said...

Love the last Punch dialogue :D
you better be good amma and take her to some kalyanam...

Unknown said...

thanks to you
missed punch so much

pls tell punch's name if you dont mind

punch u can come to my kalyanam next holidays

mnamma said...

Tagged you on 'guilt trips'. Feel free to do it, when you find time :)

Uma said...

Loved all the "punch" lines..she seems like a super cute girl..:-)

Sh@s said...

Ha ha...its hilarious to hear kids speak. Enjoyed reading it.