Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hi All

First of all, thanks for your comments and emails in response to my previous post. I forgot to update the post and mention the reason behind that post. The Mr was kept under observation in ICU due to high Blood Pressure, he has since recovered and doing good now.

On the Punch front, she is her usual busy multi-tasking self...which means she never does one thing at a time..I have enrolled her in music class with the hope that she sings atleast some bhajans and she easily earned the tag of the naughtiest student. She never sits and sings, it is always a combination of jump/run/play with toy/do yoga pose/scream and then sing. No amount of threatening/bribing/scolding works out. Needless to say, wahan bhi ho gaya izzat ka falooda..

Punch has now joined Nursery class in a nearby school and she was eagerly awaiting the first day. She kept waving bye to us after taking every 2 steps inside the school. She looks forward to go to school and insisted that we put her on the yellow colour school bus. Her teacher told me on the second day " She has settled down well, no tears at all". I wanted to say " Madam, this indicates trouble for you and may lead to tears in ur eyes too!" but could not do so. Then we get another compliment " very naughty". Not to mention the loss of ID cards, water bottles, tie etc.

Yesterday, Punch's music teacher had arranged a small function where all her students sang. Punch had to sing two small 2-4 line bhajans, and both me and the teacher had no expectations from her. But surprisingly, she SAT peacefully on the mat, took the mike in her hands and sang flawlessly looking at all directions. So much that the teacher asked her to sing a third song which she promptly sang.. So, that was her singing debut as well...

That's it from me for now..


Vini aka Pooh! said...

Glad to see you back - did I ever email you back? I totally forgot. Great to hear about the budding singer - would love to hear/see an audio/video

Here is to more blogging :)

Swaram said...

yay at the singing debut :) I luv the naughty Punch :)

Nice to see a post here!

R's Mom said...

Punch Darling..super nice..may be I should start looking for a music class for R as well :)

Anonymous said...

OMG!! she is sooo cute!!And so glad,the Mr. is feeling better!!!

utbtkids said...

LOL! Way to go punch :)

Glad to know that the hospital episode is over and you are all doing well.

Anonymous said...

Your daughter reminds me of my own childhood days..
God bless her