Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Recording my Sins

Momo's Ma and Ambuli's amma tagged me to list out my sins against gender stereotype..So here I go, but mind you I am keeping it short and sweet..

I do not use nail polish and other cosmetics
I do not visit the beauty parlour
I have no interest in jewellery and dressing up
I don't know the names of sarees or materials
I don't have the patience to sit and do craft work/embroidery
I can stand for hours in queues to pay bills
I have a really short temper
I don't have a soft and soothing voice
I have been the only female in buses so many times
I can keep secrets!!!

Anyone not yet tagged, please consider tagged by me..


ambulisamma said...

Am wondering @ last two points.

Uma said...

saree material - same story here... I just know if it is cotton or non cotton...

Ani said...

the last one is the best sin :-)

Timepass said...

thks friends..glad to have company!