Friday, February 19, 2010

Two scenes

Presenting two scenes from Punch's day..

Myself and Punch are walking on the road to the grocery shop 5-6 doors away..she sees a dog lying down on the road and promptly says TATA to the dog as there is no one else who she can say TATA to..before she could ask me to do the same..we reached the shop...thank god..

The Mr is lying stomach down on the yoga mat and in the process of doing some asanas..Punch suddenly gets two cook and serve bowls from the kitchen and places them on his back and pretends to cook and feed us..and throws a big tantrum when told to remove the bowls from daddy's i got a new stove without asking!!


Swaram said...

Ha ha ha ... she is super smart to sight a stove there ;)

Momo's Ma said...

really cute. the cook and serve act. as for talking to animals/ birds/ inanimate things, i dunno what the fascination is for them. Momo does the same saying "hello doggy" to every dog she sees on the street.

Lavanya Seetharaman said...

The second one is sooo funny !!! hahaha..

Swati said...

hahhaha..loved the second scene innovative

Anonymous said...

LOL! Ash crawls from underneath me and says its a tunnel. These kids are so innovative!

Ash to says Hello and Bye to every possible thing she sees. While returning from the beach, she says "Bye Bye Beach" :)