Saturday, October 10, 2009

A small update

I finally sat down to clean Punch's Toy Boxes (2 nos) and this is what I found..3-4 clips of mine, pages of past issues of magazines, steel cups, a lid of one container and many other things that I stopped searching for long back..Now I can easily qualify to be called the laziest right?? I mean lazy in searching for lost items as well as taking it out from her toy box..

BTW Punch got a tricycle as a Diwali gift from the Mr. We got this for her as we noticed that whenever she sees one she jumps to sit on it and says "BUrrrr Burrrr" ( just like a vehicle) And her toys are enjoying more than her as she puts the toys on the seat and pushes the cycle around..all this within hours of buying the cycle.


Lavanya Seetharaman said...

Thats really great TP..Our cycle is just lying around in the corner :(

Trish said...

LOL!!!this gets better and better!!:D
She is soo cute!

Swaram said...

Ha ha ha cute :)

Swati said...

hehehhe :)

Anonymous said...

Cute! Ash does the exact same thing, she takes her dolly/teddy bear/Thomas train etc for a ride on her tricycle everyday :)

Now you know where to look for any missing item :)