Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Hangover..

We are back from our vacation..Few things I would like to list down..
  • The first vacation after a really long time and glad that all went well especially with Punch
  • Added Akshardham (Delhi) to the (visited) list of Akshardham (Gandhinagar) and Swaminarayan Temple (UK)..can I hope to see Swaminarayan Temple (Chicago) too?
  • Sudden one day trip to set foot on Rajasthan soil as well..
  • Travelled on one more Shatabdi train (to Jaipur), but dinner was not up to the mark
  • Almost sprained my neck looking at tall tall buildings in Gurgaon...they seem to be everywhere there.

As of now I can think of just the above..Punch's adventures will follow later..

BTW I realised I have this hangover when I was about to say " Aap pehle andar aa jaiye" to someone (whose entry I was blocking) at the supermarket after coming back..


Swaram said...

Whew! U hv hd real fun :)
Waiting for Punch's adventures :)

Timepass said...

lol! :D