Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Great Start to the Vacation

How would u feel

when the cab supposed to come at 5 does not turn up till 5.10

when the cab finally comes at 5.15 and u speed off

when the cab comes to a halt at 5.20 on a bridge

when the cab's tyre needs to be changed

when the airline call center says u r not eligible for tele- check in

when finally the driver changes the tyre and drives to the airport at full speed

when finally u reach the airport at 5.50 and rush to check in and thank god u r in time

All is well that ends (begins as well) well...


Anonymous said...

Oops! All's well that ends well indeed ;)

Shruti said...

phew! :) wishing you a more relaxed holiday :)

Swati said...

We have had the same kinda situation when we headed for Kerala its like been there done that :D

Hope u have a nice time !

mnamma said...

Nail biting anxiety, you would have had until you reached the airport!