Monday, January 21, 2008

Good Morning

First thing, in the morning,

as I begin my day,I turn on my computer,

to see what my email friends have to say.

They bring me such delight,with notes and cards and such,

And I appreciate their thoughtfulness,so very much!

Sometimes, there's a concern,a need for a quick prayer,

and it encourages me to know,that they are always there.

I hear the birds early chirping,with happy songs in their hearts,

and just like my Friends, they give me a cheerful start.

I'm blessed each and every morning,to see their names in my mailing list,

and when one isn't there,they are truly missed.

Even though we are far apart,and exist in Cyber Space,

I hope, someday, to meet them all,smiling, face to face.

So, I want to say"Good Morning!"to each and every one of you.

Have a Blessed and Happy Day,and "Thanks" for making mine one, too!


Swati said...

Sweet post..thanks

The E HomeMaker said...

thats what i do first in the morning too!

Aryan said...

Very true about wishing your friends.. Very good morning to you

Timepass said...

Swati and Aryan- thks
e homemaker- Welcome and keep visiting..