Thursday, June 14, 2007

Supermarkets and Queues

I visited a Supermarket for shopping for the regular quota of fruits and vegetables. Since I visited the place at off-peak time,thankfully, there were few people around.There was one lady standing ahead of me at the bill counter,so obviously my turn was next. Suddenly from nowhere, a plump middle aged man who seemed to be well off barged in. I noticed it but kept quiet thinking maybe he is not aware of the queue. He also looked at me but did not stand behind me in the queue. Instead,after the lady's turn was over, this man pushed himself and gave his basket to the billing guy. I told him very courteously (though i did not want to sound courteous at all )"Sir, I am the next in queue. Please follow the queue". Immediately he frowned and then went off.

Generally, when we break even small rules, we are advised to behave with sense and not like illiterate people. But what to do if a literate and middle aged person does such acts? This has become a common sight everywhere nowadays. If an educated person behaves this way, why should we always say illiterate people do not follow rules? Agreed its a small matter, but definitely not one to be ignored.

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