Wednesday, August 24, 2011

And Now..

The dhinka chika mama is appearing on TV for some mosquito repellent ad..Punch is playing around and gives me the wrong impression that she has not noticed him on TV.
The bell rings and the Mr. arrives..
Punch opens the door and says Abba Abba very seriously
He says, what happened?
She says: Abba, Dhinka chika mama ko mosquito ne bite kiya
He just cannot understand what is going on...and asks me if dhinka chika mama is really not well!

Punch is playing with her toy resembling an infant. she calls it as Baby S
Punch: Amma, S baby so gaya
Me: Kyon?
Punch: Usko thookam (sleep) aa gaya, isliye so gaya

Punch's friend had gone to attend a wedding in her native place and Punch kept on asking about her
Punch: Amma, where is G ( friend's name)
Me: She has gone to her uncle's kalyanam (wedding)
Punch: I will also go, it is my V babba (uncle) kalyanam
Me: But V babba kalyanam is over
Punch: Ok then I will go to R thatha kalyanam
Me: That is also over
Punch: Then I will go to P paati kalyanam
The intention is to attend a wedding, so what if the grandparents need to get married again!

Punch: Amma, you be a good girl and listen to me, then your Happy Birthday will come again and if you are good, I will buy a cake for you


Monday, August 1, 2011

Dropping In

Dropping in here just to say

Do you know the Dhinka Chika mama?
we see him daily on TV doing Dhinka Chika ae ae ae

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hi All

First of all, thanks for your comments and emails in response to my previous post. I forgot to update the post and mention the reason behind that post. The Mr was kept under observation in ICU due to high Blood Pressure, he has since recovered and doing good now.

On the Punch front, she is her usual busy multi-tasking self...which means she never does one thing at a time..I have enrolled her in music class with the hope that she sings atleast some bhajans and she easily earned the tag of the naughtiest student. She never sits and sings, it is always a combination of jump/run/play with toy/do yoga pose/scream and then sing. No amount of threatening/bribing/scolding works out. Needless to say, wahan bhi ho gaya izzat ka falooda..

Punch has now joined Nursery class in a nearby school and she was eagerly awaiting the first day. She kept waving bye to us after taking every 2 steps inside the school. She looks forward to go to school and insisted that we put her on the yellow colour school bus. Her teacher told me on the second day " She has settled down well, no tears at all". I wanted to say " Madam, this indicates trouble for you and may lead to tears in ur eyes too!" but could not do so. Then we get another compliment " very naughty". Not to mention the loss of ID cards, water bottles, tie etc.

Yesterday, Punch's music teacher had arranged a small function where all her students sang. Punch had to sing two small 2-4 line bhajans, and both me and the teacher had no expectations from her. But surprisingly, she SAT peacefully on the mat, took the mike in her hands and sang flawlessly looking at all directions. So much that the teacher asked her to sing a third song which she promptly sang.. So, that was her singing debut as well...

That's it from me for now..

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Help from unexpected quarters

I did not expect a relative of a patient (lying in coma in the ICU and hovering between life and death) to offer to look after my naughty 3 year old till I visit my husband inside..

I did not expect that the security guys sitting outside the ICU will offer to show videos from their mobile phones to keep my child occupied while I visit my husband inside..

I did not expect at all that a person to whom I lent my phone charger remember to give it to another person and ask me to collect this man's son consumed pesticide and gave up the fight for life and he comes to me and says " Mazha mulga sampla..tumcha charger varti aahe.." meaning my son is finished, your charger is upstairs.

Least of all, I did not expect one unknown person who seemed to be an avid IPL watcher to offer to change to cartoon channel for the sake of my child.
and of course not to forget the night shift security guard who asked me where is your child, I have not seen her today, how is your husband.. when he could have easily kept quiet..
and also the friendly neighbours and office colleagues who offered to stay back and help in whatever manner possible.

God teaches us lessons in so many ways...I have learnt to be humane and humble from this experience..Its really great that you offer help when you are yourself not in a proper mental state (struggling with the health status of a loved one)..Thanks all, I do not know your names, but I pray for the good health of your loved one in the ICU.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Tongue Tied

I often warn Punch that she will have to listen to me and stop making mischief if she wants to go to playschool. One day, this same conversation was going on and I told her that since she is not listening to me, I will not send her to playschool that day. She replies casually " Amma, I will go to ABC (new school which she will be joining in June) school".

When Punch lies or does something wrong I tell her that God is looking at you, he will pinch your eyes. One day as I was trying to put her to sleep, she said " Amma, you have a black spot on your nose, has god pinched your eyes? what did you do?"

What else can I say except...Meri billi mujhe hi meow..

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Chimdan Tales

Me: Punch, did u eat tiffin at school today
Punch: Yes
Me: what did you eat ( purposely)
Punch: Dosa, but chimdan spilled the sambar

FYI: I give her maximum 2 spoons of sambar in a tight container and I don't know chimdan spilled whose sambar?

Me: Punch, when is ur happy birthday
Punch: May tonty (20)
Me: what are you going to do that day?
Punch: Cut a big cake
Me: who will come to ur birthday?
Punch: A, B, C, D etc
but amma, chimdan will eat all the cake
so i will not call her

FYI: Chimdan is Punch's version of Simran, her classmate.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Damsel in Distress

Punch was having a nice time in the play area of our apartment complex. As usual, she protested when asked to come home. I finally had enough of her " 2 minutes" and "3 minutes" and I lifted her and carried her away from the play area. She started screaming " Mujhe Chhod do, Mujhe Chhod do" much to my amusement. What a talented nautanki we have here..and till two months back she did not know a word in Hindi.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Where are we moving towards?

Two recent happenings make me think so...

1) I had been to a temple and there was a puja going on..I was standing behind the last row as I was about to leave. All chairs were occupied with people waiting for the puja to begin. An elderly couple holding hands together for support were escorted by one of the volunteers and they were finding it difficult to stand. Can you believe none of the women/children seated in the first couple of rows wanted to part with their seat..Finally the volunteer left and the couple stood in one corner helplessly. It was of no use if they got a seat in the later rows as they would be unable to view the puja. After some time, one teenager got up and her mother offered that seat to the couple, they refused to sit there..Who would?

2) We were standing outside a shop waiting for an auto to go home. A small boy of Punch's age and height came up to us and showed some colouring books @Rs 20 each. He just said BEES RUPAYA (20 Rs) and showed the books. Its really sad that children are made to earn money at this age.